Sunshine Sprinkle Magic Chrome Powder

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The Unicorn chromes come with 8 grams of product in a jar.

Each unicorn chrome color comes with two applicators.

A little goes a long way so start with a little product at a time.

Unicorn chrome can be chromed over a clear base, white base, black base, or any color base. The results will vary based on the color that it is chromed over.

It is recommended to use gel base, gel top, and a UV/LED light. If you are allergic to gels, using Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is an option. Using that product will allow you to bypass the gels light, but know it may not be as pigmented.

The pictures shown in this listing show the unicorn chrome powders chromed over white.


1. Apply gel base and fully cure (60 seconds) 2. Apply gel top and flash cure 10-15 seconds (time may vary based on lamp) 3. Dip applicator in chrome and rub chrome on gel top with applicator. Add small amounts of chrome as desired to achieve chromed affect 4. Gently brush off nail with clean makeup brush 5. Flash cure nail 10-15 seconds again 6. Apply gel top coat and cure 60 seconds.

  If irritation occurs, discontinue use and contact a physician.