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These cuticle sticks are beveled on one end and are incredibly pointed on the other. I mean incredibly pointed.  Do not use near eyes, nose, or any sensitive areas.  You could literally poke an eye out.  I am not joking.   The pointed end is great to clean up around the cuticle line or under the nails.  The beveled end can be used to push back cuticles. These are more durable than wood cuticle sticks, but are still disposable.
These are sold in a pack of 100. 
Picture in the listing shown the package they come in.
Be aware that one of the ambassadors tried to use one to apply glitter and stabbed through the glitter piece.
Use these at your own risk! OG Dip Powder is not responsible for medical bills due to the pain caused by this product.  It can stab even when used as intended.