OG Dip Powder Hema-Free Dehydrator and Primer

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These items are sold separately.  They are hema-free which is great for people that struggle with HEMA allergies.

12 ml. each in glass bottles.

Dehydrator should be used before a primer.  Dehydrator prepares the natural nail surface with the end goal of better adhesion. Dehydrator works on the premise that it dissolves the oils in the nail allowing for a more desirable nail surface.

Primers can be used at the very start of your gel nail manicure to prime the nail.  Primers will remove any remaining oils and grease on the nail plate, which can otherwise lead to your base coat not adhering to the nail. It also prevents the creation of any air bubbles for better adherence.


Be cautious not to get any product on the skin.  If irritation occurs, quit use immediately and contact a physician.