OG Dip Powder Hema Free 3 in 1 Nail Gel Glue

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This Nail Gel Glue is Hema-Free. It is used to adhere full cover/nail tips of any kind. An LED/UV light is needed for it to cure.

1. Find size best suited for your nail
•Tip should lay naturally on nail
• May need to file edges for perfect fit
• Tip should not pinch nail (too small) or lay over side wall (too large)
2. Rough up inside of nail tip
3. Prep Nails
• Push back cuticle, clear invisible cuticle line, lightly buff away shine on natural nail
4. Dust off with stiff brush and wipe nail with Isopropyl Alcohol. At this step you may apply a Dehydrator (1st) and a Primer/or Nail Bond if Needed.
5. Apply a thin layer of Gel Glue to natural nail and cure for 30 seconds
6. Apply a thin layer of Gel Glue to the nail tip, at a 45° angle (starting at cuticle) lay tip down slowly and firmly. Flash cure for 10 to 15 seconds.
7. Gel glue is super thick, once you have tips on one hand, place under your lamp to complete the curing process for 90-120 seconds.
8. Repeat step 6 & 7 to other hand.
9. If you have an overflow of gel glue around cuticle, gently file away.
10. Cut nail to your desired length, file and shape.