OG Dip Powder Dip Liquids- ***new activator formula- PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE PURCHASING***

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The OG Dip Base and OG Dip Top formulas have not changed, but this is a new formula of activator.  Therefore, the instructions and steps have changed.  If you use the previous instructions, you may experience issues with dullness, wear time, and may get dents.  

  Please pay close attention to these directions as these liquids have a very different process.


Direction cards will be included with a full bundle.

Nail Tips:
- Avoid using cuticle remover liquid before a mani. Dry prep is best.
- Use isopropyl alcohol on all nails before dipping.
- Do NOT use soap at any time during dipping process
Cap edges with both layers of top coat to seal manicure and protect from cracking.


1. Prep nails and cuticles.

2. Apply thin layer of base and dip in powder (or pour over). Repeat on all nails.

3. Once dip is dry, brush off excess powder using a stiff nail brush.

4.Repeat steps 2&3 until desired thickness is achieved (2-4 layers).

5. Apply layer of clear dip powder to protect color/ glitter during

6. Apply a generous amount of activator to all 10 nails.

7. Allow nails at least 5 minutes to dry.

8. After activator dries, buff and shape nails. Wipe off dust and filings
on nails with isopropyl alcohol or water on a lint free wipe.

9. Steps 10-12 should be done ONE HAND AT A TIME.

10. Apply a very generous amount of activator to 5 nails on one
Do NOT rinse or wipe. Wait 10 seconds.

11. In the same order that 5 nails were activated, apply first layer of
top coat in THIN, even strokes. No more than 3-4 quick, thin strokes
to cover entire nail.

12. Immediately apply 2nd layer of top coat to same 5 nails in the
same order. Apply in thin, even strokes.

13. Repeat steps 10-12 on other hand.



If you experience dip flu, these liquids may not be a good fit for you. Dip Liquids are not eligible for discounts.

*Due to the nature of the product, refunds are not allowable.