Crew-ation Celebration Individual Day Colors

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Each of these colors are sold individually and are only offered in sample sizes . 


You will have to add each color separately to your cart.  If you want all the colors, the tool, and the freebie you will want to purchase the entire Crew-ation Celebration Box.  


All colors from the box are not available for sale.  Supplies were limited and I was unable to offer more.


Once these colors are sold out, they will be gone.  


The freebie from the box will be offered while supplies last.  If it is gone when you order, a different freebie will be included. 


These cannot be purchased alongside the Crew-ation Celebration box.  The box can only ship alone.


Day 1- hot pink to purple to charcoal gray triple thermal with chrome powder.  

Day 2- mini chunk blue holographic glitter.

Day 3- You is Talking Loco Base with colored flakes throughout.

Day 4- Pink version of Son of a Nutcracker 

Day 5- Supers purple shimmery solid with pink throughout.  Glows in the dark.

Day 6- mini chunk version of You Boys Like Tongue? Pinky purple holographic shift.

Day 7-Triple Thermal that shifts from blue to purple to light blue super shimmery. It glows in the dark.

Day 8- Blue version of Bebe.  All fine glitter.

Day 9- Pink Version of a Little Bit Alexis 

Day 10- fine version of Did I Stutter? Black glitter with opal color shifting glitter throughout.

Day 11- dusty rose shimmery solid with silver and gold flakes throughout. Glows in the dark.

Day 12- Black base with silver and gold foil throughout. 


**It is a surprise as to what color your base will glow.  It can glow sky blue, purple, or blue/green.**