Stranger Things Inspired Collection

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001- Casper colored base that glows sky blue (flat white without shimmer)

And She's Crazy- a bright shimmery pink solid that glows a blue/green.

Bitchin'- Flat black base with various shades of flakes throughout.

Dear Old Dad- a mix of gold and deep brown mini chunk holographic glitter.

Dusty Bun- a mix of various shades of fine gold glitter.

Friends Don't Lie- is a light pink glitter base with chunky light pink, blue, and green glitter throughout. It glows.

Friends Tell the Truth-is a shimmery light pink with a gold shift.  It glows blue/green.

Halfway Happy-is a thermal blue base that shifts to turquoise. It has flakes throughout.

Hurt is Good-is a turquoise blue shimmery solid.

I Didn't Run this Time-has a black base with gunmetal color shifting flakes throughout.

I Dump Your Ass-is a vibrant mix of pink, lime green, yellow, and blue chunky glitter.

It Means You are Out of the Cave- is a turquoise color shifting chunky glitter.

It's Called Code-Shut-Your-Mouth-has a vibrant purple base with various color flakes throughout.

Just the Facts- is a mix of light pink, bright pink, blue, and mint chunky glitter.  One dip can be used as a topper.  

Keep the Door Open Three Inches- is a mix of silver holographic glitter, black, and silver glitter throughout.

Leggo My Eggo- is a very soft yellowish gold shimmery solid.

More to Life than Stupid Boys- is a mixture of gold, turquoise, pink, purple, and black chunky glitter and foil.

Mornings are for Coffee and Contemplation-is a deep rich brown.

Mouth Breather- is a mix of silver, blue, green, and purple fine glitter.

My Dude- is a mix of lime green and yellow mini chunk glitter.

Palace Arcade- has a clear base with turquoise, yellow, and orange chunky glitter throughout.

Remember the Hurt-is a mix of purple and turquoise glitter chunky glitter.

Run!!!-is a mix of various shades of glow in the dark chunky glitter in a clear base.

Running up that Hill- has a medium blue base with flakes throughout.  It glows sky blue.

She's Our Friend- is a mix of bright pink glitter and silver flakes.

Surfer Boy Pizza-is a mix of yellow, silver, and red chunky glitter.

The Babysitter- is a triple thermal that shifts from a deep dark green to a kelly green to lime green. It has a gold shift with gold and green flakes throughout.

The Mind Flayer- has a black flat base with red glitter and reddish black flakes throughout.

The Upside Down-is a triple thermal.  it shifts from a deep,gray navy to a medium blue to a light blue.  It has shimmer throughout as well as mini chunk glitter to show the particles.

Vecna-has a gray base that glows sky blue with red glitter throughout.

Water Gate- is a deep red that glows orange with black foil throughout.

You Can't Spell America without Erica- has a white glow in the dark glitter base with pink, turquoise and white mini chunk glitter throughout.